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Double Vision Brewing

Double Magic

Double Magic

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When we think of who knows a lot about tasty beverages in Aotearoa, New Zealand, we think about our mates at Regional Wines and Hamilton Wine Co. The conversation was pretty simple as Wit Beers are one of the most underappreciated styles in all the land, and we were thinking about what compliments the yeast esters from a wit. The solution was a $#!*-ton of real guava puree in on the cold side post-fermentation. The goal, a can to crack into that makes your mouth feel like it’s on a tropical holiday. Some would say flavour combos this good are as rare as a Yeti Riding a Velociraptor.

STYLEFruited Wit Beer
FLAVOURSExpect a nice and light wheat base with stonefruit esters from the yeast to cascade over your tongue and roll into quenching tropical guava goodness
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