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Double Vision Brewing

Milow and Oatis

Milow and Oatis

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Your new go-to session-stout designed in collaboration with our mates at Chocstock.

There is something super satisfying about a Milk Stout that we feel nods to the comfort of a childhood chocolate milk. The only thing that is tough about that style is the accessibility for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant. In an effort for total inclusion and a progressive approach, we are developing with our mates at Chocstock a beer that can tick all of the boxes and be the perfect pairing with some of the world's finest chocolates presented for Chocstock 2024!

With Cacao Husks and Cacao Nibs from Baron Hasselhoff, we are supporting a market of fair treatment for Pacific farmers and support of ethically sourced Vanuatu cacao. 

STYLEChocolate Oat Milk Stout
FLAVOURSExpect deep and rich milk chocolate flavours with just the right amount of bitterness from Saaz Hops to keep it balanced on the palate. We will take it to the next level by adding massive amounts of Malted and Flaked Oats with a touch of caramel malt and Maltodextrine to give the same body as lactose would, whilst bolstering the smooth oat mouthfeel. 
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