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The Undead - Fresh Hop 2 of 3

The Undead - Fresh Hop 2 of 3

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Collectible Glow in the Dark Can!
Can 2 of 3

It's hard to know who has 'The Thirst' as they may look like normal civilians... There is no going back for the slaves to the hop vines, but they can be kept at bay with a 440ml can of The Undead. This Fresh Hop Drop contains the moreish cones from Freestyle Hops that progress Hop Heads to the next stage of the DVB Fresh Hop transformation featuring Riwaka and NZ Cascade. These hops bring more fruity delicious goodness to BITE off when you tuck into them. Go ahead, lean into your Hazy indulgence... It's no longer a craze... It's how you live! 

There is only one hope for the Craft Beer Community when it comes to saving the tradition of the NZ Fresh Hop. We need to look to the team at Clayton Hops and hope a hero emerges. The Legendary Hop Hunter! Find Her and put her against The Undead for a true tongue tied battle of styles!
STYLEFresh Hop Hazy NZ India Pale Ale
FLAVOURS A bright grapefruit oil up front with lingering citrus depth. Freestyle states that NZ Cascade is less about the resinous Pine of the US variety and more about red berry and apple blossoms. Plus Resinous Tropical and Passion Fruit from Riwaka. Pilsner malt with wheat and oat creaminess to smooth over the heavy-hitting hops so it's hazy, juicy but not too filling.
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