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Double Vision Brewing



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These labels are collectable as they glow in the dark to show the true scene in an unreal experience. See the Unseen Face and Hands!

The legend of Unseen has been said to walk among us, searching for the cure brought about from The Motueka Valley Witch and her brew from The Cauldron! (You can try her brew for yourself in can 1 of 2 and see how it affects you. Be warned, Some go 'Hazy Crazy' only seek the fog, while others go so transparent you could read through them!) 

During harvest, Freestyle Hop Farms reported a loud crash. Nothing in sight but what seemed to be footprints. The secret loot of Motueka and Nelson Sauvin had been taken! Why these hops? Well, they are said to be the only thing to bring back those deemed "Hazy Crazy" to get clarity in their beer choices and reverse any hop-based curses. If you have gone totally transparent or worse, 'Hazy Crazy', crack into this can to be brought back to the world of balance!

STYLE2023 Fresh Hop NZ IPA
FLAVOURSThere is nothing like a Fresh Hop NZ IPA. The difference between kiln dried hops and Fresh Hops off of the vine is the resinous and dank punch in the palate that you get once per year. Nelson Sauvin and Motueka will bring citrus, passion fruit and the unique grape flavour to the party.
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